Bucs looking to rebound against Rams

Tampa Bay is looking to rebound from it’s embarrassing 41-0 loss last weekend and hope to get back on the winning track against the visiting St. Louis Rams.  LB Adam Hayward put it best.

“We’ve got something to prove. When you get a butt-whipping like that, you don’t want to end on a note like that, you want to go out there and fight and kind of be like, ‘This is how I want to be remembered,’ not being blown out 41-0. I know these guys and I see it in their eyes and they want to play football.”

The Rams are also looking to rebound from a 36-22 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. First year coach Jeff Fisher has been a little disappointed on how the season has unfolded but knows that in the NFL there are not many opportunities to win and a ton of opportunities to lose.

“We have a chance, with success this week, if that happens, we have chance to finish with a winning record. We have a chance to, if we’re successful this week, we have a chance to be undefeated in the division, which is going to be a very, very difficult task, especially up there, so there’s challenges, Fisher said.  “We talk improving. From day one we’ve talked about improving and you just don’t stop improving in Week 17 when the game’s over. You push right through the season, then you push in the offseason and then you move forward improving the big picture with this football team.”

The Buccaneers finish the season on the road against the surging Atlanta Falcons.


Buccaneers face Peyton Manning/Denver Broncos

Broncos looking to clinch AFC West

The Denver Broncos will be hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday and Peyton Manning is looking to do for Denver what has not been done since 2005; clinch back to back AFC West Division Titles.

For the Buccaneers, it will be business as usual.

“At this point, we’re looking strictly at the next game,” said quarterback Josh Freeman. “It’s a one-game season. We’re not looking at divisional opponents. That’s stuff that will take care of its self down the road. All we’re focusing on is putting together the best performance we can against the team we have out there against us.”

Denver owns the record between the two teams at 5-2 with the last victory coming in 2008 and Manning is looking much like he did in his prime with Indy.

“He is the epitome of a pro quarterback,” safety Ronde Barber said. “He always has been and nothing has changed. A different team, the system seems similar to what he was doing in Indy. But he’s still very smart with the ball. You don’t see any drop off. I know he had the issue with the neck, but it’s a non-factor on film. He’s still putting it where it’s supposed to be.”

The Buccaneers are looking get back in the winning column after losing a close game to the Atlanta Falcons last weekend and pressuring the quarterback will be of point of emphasis. The Falcons are ranked 28th in the NFL in sacks.

“It certainly could be better,” head Coach Greg Schiano said of his teams pass rushing. “We’re doing a good job at times and there’s great teaching opportunities to show them this is really good. It’s consistency, like so much of what our whole football team is striving for, consistency to do it down in and down out.

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